How it works

Adding our intelligence layer to your site couldn't be easier

Within minutes you can be tracking customers’ activity on your site – just follow these easy steps:

Sign up and add our tracking code

Embedding our tracking code is super easy – simply sign up for FREE, and you will then be given a few lines of code to add to your website(s).

Instantly track your website visitors’

With our intelligence layer, each individual visitor has their own unique customer profile, which tracks their on-site activity and browsing behaviors.

Engage more prospects

Our powerful widgets and advanced segmentation tools allow you to easily categorise and target individual site users - boosting engagement rates.

Track your customers

Our visitor tracking feature allows you to see exactly who is on your site, what pages they are viewing, and what actions they are taking.

You can also delve into each customer profile, including their location, page views, widgets seen and an event timeline, as well as personal data collected by your site. This then helps you to target them with the right marketing messages.

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Segment your traffic

Separate and categorise your online traffic in an effective way with our cutting-edge segmentation tool.

Using advanced behavioural signals from your online traffic, vast data points and previous on-site actions, you can create highly targeted lists of your visitors and even track activity by customer type. This enables you to interpret and understand your traffic on a deeper and more commercially-effective level.

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Engage with targeted campaigns

Target customers who are on your site with our actionable widgets, which are proven to boost engagement and increase conversions.

With a suite of widgets to choose from, you can send targeted forms, notifications and CTAs to each visitor – creating a more personalised site experience for your users, which encourages trust and conversion.

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Instant communication

Manage all your online customer conversations from one easy-to-use dashboard. Whether it’s information from live chat, contact requests or feedback forms, you can easily keep track of all your communications.

Cloud-based messaging

Communicate with your customers from anywhere.

Native Windows App

A Windows application is available with Mac and iOS coming soon!

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Powerful insights and reporting

Boostify’s built-in insights help you to understand your website’s performance and get under the skin of how your consumers think. With a wealth of intelligent graphs available at your fingertips, you can easily track, analyse and visualise individual users’ behaviour.

These searchable reports allow you to filter and view all visitors, conversations and contacts tracked on your website, giving you a granular breakdown of how your traffic is interacting with your content.

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Goal Tracking

Track events & conversions on your website with our goal tracking. Track the impact of your changes on conversions.

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Boostify can be linked with over 1,000 applications using our supported and powerful intergration with Zapier.

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Instantly push data to an endpoint of your choice. Intergrate quickly and create powerful workflows with your existing applications.

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I've been really impressed with the functionality and features that the Boostify software has to offer. Boostify has been an invaluable tool in helping Age Partnership improve our website conversion rates - by as much as 40% on certain pages.