Target your customers with highly engaging smart widgets


Target specific visitor behaviour

It’s never been simpler to target and engage customers who perform specific actions on your website. You can monitor consumer behaviour such as add to basket, exit intent or even scroll percentage, with our campaigns feature.

Essentially, campaigns are a wrapper around one or more widgets, and depending on the action a user takes, this will trigger your customised widget – e.g. a sign-up form, live chat service or sales notifications.

You can create an unlimited number of campaigns to drive an advanced, powerful and successful conversion strategy.



Engage with bespoke smart widgets

Once your campaign rules are set up, it's time to deliver the right message to customers, to raise the chances of getting a conversion.

Using our targeted widgets is an instant and proven way to grow your conversion rates and increase engagement, as they tune into users’ on-site preferences and browsing habits.

With over half-a-dozen smart widgets to choose from, there is sure to be a winning widget combination to optimise the visitor experience for your existing website traffic.



Monitor and improve performance

Monitor the performance of each individual widget linked to your campaigns, and view impressions, engagements and even custom goals.

Examining your performance on a per-widget basis gives you the power to track, test and improve both sales and engagement, quickly and easily.

The great thing is that you can monitor the performance success from your own personal dashboard, so that any changes you wish to make can be done at the click of a mouse.

Custom goals targeting

Target and measure the performance of goals specific to your business KPIs.

A/B test widgets

Test the performance of two or more widgets with side-by-side split testing.

Build unlimited campaigns

Create an unlimited number of campaigns to separate your traffic into.

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