Visitor Goal Tracking

Real-time monitoring of all goals and conversions


Create your goal

Create custom goals relevant to your business to track positive actions that customers take on your website. You can monitor every interaction on your site – such as purchases, sign-ups, add to basket and newsletter subscriptions – and use this information to tailor your targeted widgets.

Having visibility of each of your visitor’s individual goals and conversions gives your team unparalleled insight into their purchase intent.



View and track goals and conversions

Track each goal and conversion in real-time with the visitor timeline feature.

For example, has a visitor added a product to their basket but not converted? See exactly what actions each customer has taken whilst on your website, and use this information to proactively engage with them to secure the sale.



Target and engage your customers

Take advantage of goal and conversion data to target customers with information relevant to them, at each stage of their customer journey.

Also, by attributing goals to conversations with your team, you can also measure the sales performance of your in-house customer service representatives.

Real-time updates

Visitor profiles update in real-time as goals are completed on your website

Detailed insights and reporting

View goals in detail with powerful, built-in reports, direct from your dashboard.

Advanced visitor segmentation

Segment and filter visitors according to what goals they have or haven't completed.

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