Understand and tune into your traffic with our advanced insights

Visitor insights

Understand your audience like never before with top-level visitor insights such as:

Total visitors and repeat visitors etc

Engagement rates

Conversion rates

Bonce rates

Plus, you can instantly filter visitors by their domain as well their current list.


Conversation insights

Understand conversations with your customers with top-level analysis such as:

Total targeted and engaged visitors

Converted conversations

Average conversation rating

Conversation breakdowns

Plus, you can instantly filter conversations by user for internal monitoring.


User insights

Monitor the performance of your own team with in-depth data such as:

Total time available

Converted conversations

Answer and response times

User satisfaction

Plus, you can instantly filter team reports by user for internal performance monitoring.

Search by date range

Filter and search through your insights by date range to pull deep and detailed data.

View detailed reports

Dig deep into reports to extract information such as exact visitors, conversations, contacts and more.

Expandable metrics

Jump into engagement trends and metrics at any time, with detailed graphs and charts at your fingertips.

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