Answer customers faster with messaging

Engage with all your customers from a single dashboard.

In-app messaging allows you to talk instantly to website visitors, providing them with real-time support and assistance. This seemingly personal dialogue will give them added peace, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Chat queuing

Too busy to speak to all your customers? They will automatically go into a queue, so that no sales are lost.

Offline messages

Respond to messages left on your website whilst you were away and never miss a sales opportunity.


Convert more customers with teamwork

No one person is responsible for communicating with your customers, as you can have multiple users logged in at any one time. Plus, you can manage all of your own (and your colleagues’) conversations in a single place, making multiple correspondences a breeze.

Teams and routing

Set up multiple teams within the Boostify platform, and automatically route new messages to the right person to convert the sale.

Live chat transfer

Can't help? Need a colleague or different team to take over? No problem – just transfer the chat at the touch of a button.

Preview customer messages

Benefit from real-time visibility of what your visitors are typing before they press send.

Canned responses

Create a list of custom-canned replies to reduce both response times and spelling mistakes - increasing trust and credibility.

Chat outcomes & goals

Close each chat with a customisable outcome to help track success, and see attributed on-site conversions too!

Instant communication wherever you are

Manage all your conversations with website customers in one place. Live chat windows, contact requests and feedback forms, are all controlled via your dashboard, without the headache of sifting through multiple data sources.

Cloud-based messaging

Communicate with your customers from anywhere.

Native Windows application

A Native Windows application is already available with Mac and iOS coming soon!

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