Visitor Lists

Understand and engage specific segments of your traffic


Create a bespoke list

Using a range of advanced data points and the behavioural history of each individual visitor, you can create a specific list of people using your website.

Make the most of these bespoke customer segments to instantly target specific groups with our smart widgets. You can also track website performance more effectively by filtering traffic, reports and insights by the lists you create.



Select your bespoke campaigns

Now you have your individual segments set up, it's time to target these customers with our clever suite of tools. Tools allow you to send targeted messaging is an instant and are a proven way to boost your conversion rates and increase customer engagement.

Each widget sits inside a wrapper – also known as a campaign – which allows you to only trigger them based on specific visitor behaviours. This trigger could be anything such as page views, time-on-site, scroll percentage and even exit intent. You can also configure when widgets appear and what content is shown.



Monitor your success

Use our advanced segmentation insight and comprehensive traffic analytics to monitor the performance of each widget type. Answer key questions like: Does this widget work for return customers? Can we improve the engagement of our best customers? What's the bounce rate of our paid traffic? etc.

Filter real-time web traffic

Instantly filter the live traffic on your website by your custom lists, to get a feel for what content performs best.

Split traffic for testing

Split your web traffic lists to carry out in-depth testing of different widget content variations and layouts.

Build unlimited lists

You can break your traffic down as much as you like, with the ability to create an infinite number of lists and segments.

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