Visitor Profiles

View individual customer profiles in real-time

Visitor location

Using sophisticated IP tracking, you can see, target and track your visitors based on their geographical location. Each individual user profile also includes a handy map, so you can instantly monitor them by their country or city.

Utilise this location insight to personalise each customer’s online journey, not only by the widgets they are targeted with, but also by the messaging displayed on your website.

This deeper level of user personalisation will help to boost your engagement and conversion rates by making them feel more understood and valued by your brand.


Visitor timeline

The real-time timeline shows you exactly what actions each visitor has taken on your site and what widgets they have seen – including if they have engaged.

With this in-depth view of on-site activity, you can give your team unparalleled insight into the way your traffic flows through your website. They can then use this data to successfully support customers through your conversion funnels.


Visitor data

Get to know your website visitors and collect vast amounts of useful data about them with Boostify. Each piece of information can then be utilised to create advanced targeting rules, so you can deliver highly engaging and tailored content to individual users.

We believe that a brand should learn what engages its consumers, but to do that, businesses need data beyond just name and email. With our suite of widgets, you can use advanced insight to hone your customer targeting rules, for increased conversions and a reduction in site bounces.

Real-time updates

Watch your visitor profiles update in real-time as users interact with your website.

Track goals and conversions

Set up bespoke goals and instantly see which goals and conversions each individual visitor has completed.

Visitor segmentation

Segment and filter your visitors by their visitor data, referral, device and more, to really personalise their website experience.

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