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A beautiful and dynamic tool to capture data from your existing website traffic. Use Capture for increasing your email subscribers, boosting sign-ups or custom forms such as request a demo.

Capture benefits

Take lead generation to the next level

With Capture by Boostify, you can engage with potential customers on your website like never before. Send highly targeted forms to propsects and convert more of your site traffic to sales.

Capture valuable information

At last, you can capture the most valuable data from each site user, improving both the quality of your CRM contacts and your website’s conversion rate.

Deliver targeted forms

Send the right form to the right person at the right time, by utilising our industry-leading visitor behavioural targeting platform.

Convert more prospects

Nurture leads through your sales cycle by ensuring that each on-site form contains information relevant to that particular user.

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Beautiful and customisable tool

Capture looks great on any website, and you can add it to yours in minutes with one line of code. It comes with advanced customisation options too, so you can alter the brand colours and fonts to make it look right at home.

Responsive tool

The Capture tool works on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Fast and easy customisation

Edit the tool’s style, colours and wording without ever updating any code.

Multiple styles available

Choose from a range of responsive tool styles to match your site and brand needs.

View some use cases for Capture

One tool, thousands of opportunities to boost your conversion...

Discount code newsletter sign-up

Offer your visitors a discount for signing up to your newsletter on their imminent exit.

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Perfectly timed sign-up panel

Give your most-engaged visitors a targeted sign-up form at the exact right time.

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Chat tool for assisting cart checkout
Newsletter sign-up top bar

Give your visitos an always-there option to sign up to your newsletter.

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Intergrate Capture with your existing tools

Capture can be linked with over 1,000 applications – as well as your own custom tools – using webhooks. We will instantly push data from Capture to an endpoint of your choice, so that you can integrate it quickly and create effective workflows.

Zapier support

Full out-of-the-box support for Zapier using our comprehensive webhooks.


Configure Capture to POST the form payload directly to your website.


GDPR compliant forms

Automatically add a marketing opt-in tick box and customise form notes to ensure complete GDPR compliance.

Fully customisable fields

You can customise each form to ensure you’re capturing the data your business needs. Simply drag and drop the fields.

Customisable goal tracking

Configure custom goals when a visitor complete a Capture form, so you can track sign-ups, demos, subscribers and more

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Linked perfectly to the Boostify platform

Our Capture tool is deeply integrated within the Boostify platform, giving you access to market-leading features such as visitor targeting, customer segmentation, A/B testing and more...

Behavioural Targeting

Visitor Profiles

A/B Testing

Advanced traffic segmentation

Over 1,000 App Integrations

Detailed Stats & Insights

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