Social Proof Benefits

Take customer trust to the next level

With Social Proof, you can build trust with potential customers on your website, by showing them relevant conversions and live purchase stats from other visitors. This can be used to create a sense of urgency, or to make them feel more comfortable about buying from your site.

Boost visitor trust

People trust companies that other people buy from, so Social Proof leverages this to help transform your existing web traffic into more sales.

Geo-targeted and timely Social Proof

Show the most-effective Social Proof notification to the right shopper at the right time, by utilising our industry-leading visitor targeting platform.

Convert More Prospects

Through displaying other customers’ site activity, your visitors will have the confidence to purchase, consequently driving increased website revenue.

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Beautiful and customisable notifications

Social Proof looks great on any website, and you can add it to yours in minutes with one line of code. It comes with advanced customisation options too, so you can alter the brand colours and fonts to make it look right at home in no time.

Responsive tool

The Social Proof tool works on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Fast and easy customisation

Edit the tool’s style, colours and wording without ever updating any code.

Multiple styles available

Choose from a range of responsive tool styles to match your site and brand needs.

View some use cases for Social Proof

One tool, thousands of opportunities to boost your conversion...

Show page views for popular products

Drive further sales for popular products by showing recent views from other customers.

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Add social proof to your landing pages

Show visitors social proof when they arrive on your landing pages to instantly build trust.

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Show real-time & recent transactions

Seeing other customers making real-time purchases creates the fear of missing out.

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Start tracking your goals and conversions

Easily configure custom goals to track key actions on your website, such as new sign-ups, add to cart, request a brochure etc. Then use these goals – and the data generated from them – to power Social Proof notifications.

Super simple goal tracking

Setting conversion goals has never been simpler. Set them up in our dashboard and add the tracking code to your success page to get started.

Track goals from our tools

Easily configure our suite of tools to work in tandem with your set goals, and then use this insight to fire out relevant Social Proof notifications .


Integrate Social Proof with your existing tools

Social Proof can be linked with over 1,000 applications – as well as your own tools – using our API. Simply, push the on-site conversions tracked in your existing tools directly to us and integrate it quickly to create effective workflows.

Zapier support

Full out-of-the-box support for Zapier using our comprehensive API.

In/out data transfer

Receive data to an endpoint of your choice using our webhooks.


Full tool delivery controls

Pick the types of Social Proof notifications you wish to show, as well as how often. You can even control which visitors and/or pages see them at any given time.

Complete visitor profiles

Use the data from visitors’ individual profiles to monitor who has seen Social Proof, and also view their subsequent actions and events on your website.

A/B test Social Proof

If you’re not sure which type of Social Proof notification will work best on your site, you can easily test different options side-by-side to get a winning combination.

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Linked perfectly to the Boostify platform

Our Social Proof tool is deeply integrated with the Boostify platform giving you access to market-leading features like advaned visitor targeting, segmentation, A/B testing & much more...

Behavioural Targeting

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A/B Testing

Advanced traffic segmentation

Over 1,000 App Integrations

Detailed Stats & Insights

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